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Dirty Dog Eyewear

Online Catalogue |  Dirty Dog Eyewear

For your Information - Dirty Dog Eyewear

All Dirty Dog Frames are strong yet lightweight. They are designed to fit snugly around the face, providing optimum comfort and maximum protection from glare.
Plastic Frames:
Molded from TR-90, which has no risk of toxicity or alergy and is FDA and BGA approved. Light weight and designed to flex makes them resistant to stress cracking and material fatigue. They are free of plasticizers and are extremely stable to UVA exposure in all types of temperature and humidity conditions. Strong resistance to chemical products such as solvents, alcohol, cosmetics and organic acids gives them maximum durablity in outdoor environments.
Metal Frames:
Frames are made from high-grade metals for durability and strength and are completely nickel-free to EU standards thus making them allergic-free. They are coated with a varnish made from epoxy to insure no rust spotting. A plating of paladium on copper and fresh gold classic galvanic treatment insures gold coating is of the highest possible standard.
Polyfilter Polycarbonate Lenses:
All Dirty Dog lenses are decenterised for visual protection and provide 100% protection from damaging UVA and UVB rays. They are constructed from light weight polycarbonate renowned for its superior strength, impact resistance and protection and are destortion free for maximum clarity of vision. They provide up to 70% infrared (heat) protection and exceed the US and EU standards for UV block (400Nm).
Superior Dirty Dog Polarized Lenses:
Because the frame is designed to fit snugly to your face surface glare and UV rays are efficiently blocked for great protection as well as superb visibility into the water. Each pair comes complete with microfibre cloth pouch. Lenses are 1.1mm extra thick double lens acryfilter with the polarizing filter laminated to prevent the troublesome delamination common with back-adhered filters.
Hydrophobic coatings are a state of the art lens coating which cause water to bead and run off-similar to the old watercoating effect of fabric/carpet sprays. The benefits for on water are obvious.

Dirty Dog Eyewear Goggles

Sexy looking eye protection!

Dirty Dog Eyewear Wet Glasses

Keep the glare from your eyes whilst in the water!

Dirty Dog Eyewear Sunglasses

Hot glasses in radical styles!

Online Catalogue |  Dirty Dog Eyewear

Liquid Force Kites Co Uk. VAT is now 20%.

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The Hydra can be used for many applications:
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- Body dragging
- Downwinders with tubes, boards, kayaks etc
- Fun flying on land and in the water

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Dyneema Line Set. 175/100kp
(385/220lb) 3x25m (82ft)
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